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Tritonis attacks Poseidonis as civil war erupts beneath the sea, and Aquaman meets the Mer-men's champion, Iqula. Also introduced is Queequeg, master of technology!

Lord Iqula and his army from Tritonis have finally arrives as Poseidonis intent on conquering in order to protect the city, which they now view as defenseless with the loss of their army and protective dome. Aquaman then rushes off to battle once again when he hears news of the new group of invaders, forsaking Dr. Diade's pleas to recover at the hospital.

Aquaman is shortly captured by the army, but frees himself through his telepathy summoning all manner of sea life to aid him. As Iquala orders the Tritonis army to eliminate the last bit of Atlantis's army who rush to meet their foes, much to Aquaman's horror. Aquaman then begins his battle with Iqula himself,defeating him.

Meanwhile at United Nations, they continue to discuss who shall become the ambassador for Poseidonis, with Aquaman being chosen due to his ability to survive outside of the ocean. Which gives much pleasure to a member, who seeks the muscle to eliminate him. As the remaining citizens of Poseidonis retreat to the old city, without only Vulko and Dr.Driade remaining behind.

Aquaman then leaves to head towards the United Nations, alongside Porm. However on the way he is attacked by QueeQueg who seeks to eliminate Aquaman.

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