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Senator Perkins is on a fact finding mission to learn more about the Atlantean trade business when Tsunami rushes by to come to her daughter's aid against Rhombus, causing him to drop everything and jump overboard in pursuit.  Aquaman then uses his telepathy with the squids to block Rhombus's view and sending Debbie back to Poseidonis with two dolphins as Aquaman enters into the blacked out area to battle him. Koryak then finds the injured Debbie vowing to kill the person responsible, as Aquaman continues to battle Rhombus. Rhombus however sees the dome and all the ships and flies to wipe it out dragging Aquaman with him,before blowing up a ship with Aquaman on it and flying away. 
Rhombus then experiences several memories where he remembers Atlan banished him learning the connection between Aquaman and Atlan with the intent of revenge while still believing Debbie to be his daughter.While Vulko meets with Dardan over Aquaman's choices with the two plotting against the king's rule for young Koryak to rule which Dolphin overhears. Tsnuami then saves Aquaman, as Neptune begins battling with Rhombus who insists he admits Debbie is his daughter before deciding on drowning him. Aquaman then rescues Neptune while Tsunami battles Rhombus before Koryak shows up destroying him with his hard water spear.

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