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Aquaman opens up Poseidonis to tourism against Vulko's objections. One of Tsunami's old enemies, Rhombus, takes over a loser's body and comes looking for Deep Blue.

Several members of a large firm are attempting to convince Aquaman that opening Poseidonis to tourism will be extremely beneficial for the city overall,much to his immense skepticism but he agrees to take the offer into consideration. While in a city a man named Sam is struck and killed by a meteor,killing him. Aquaman,Vulko,Dolphin,Koryak, and Garth then attempt to decide on the best option but upon Deep Blue's approval Aquaman decides to try it out, while Aquaman excuses all but Vulko beginning a savage argument for Vulko abandoning the city, which all the others eavesdrop on.

While on land Sam arises from his grave calling for his wife Linda,which Tsunami senses. While back in the city the tourist trade thrives for the city. While Dolphin finally confronts Aquaman about each other, with her letting her know that there can be know us until she settles things with Aquaman.Aquaman then gives the couple his blessing and respect after she explains her fear of the darkness inside of him.While Sam tracks down and murders his ex-wife and her new husband. Sam then attacks Aquaman where Deep Blue reveals he is now Rhombus, before battling him and being defeated.

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