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Garth arrives at Poseidonis where he meets Vulko in an attempt to find Arthur with Garth defending Arthur against Vulko's insinuation that her has lost his compassion. While Garth learns that Dolphin and Aquaman had been lovers, much to his further guilt. While up in the sky a squadron of Parademons travel to their mission to kill Aquaman at Poseidonis,while one Parademon is knocked out of the sky by an airplane with a shark approaching it's prey only for him to be saved by Aquaman himself who offers his hand in friendship and tells him he's sending a whale for him as he investigates why the rest are going to Poseidonis. 
While back at the city Tempest questions Dolphin of if it's really over with Aquaman,but the subject is stalled when the squadron of Parademons arrive.  Tempest and Koryak then begin to protect the citizens in Aquaman's absence while Dolphin battles a large Parademon for Vulko's life. While the battle between Koryak and Tempest against the Parademons continues Koryak sees a Paradmeon behind Tempest but decides against warning him in hopes of his death.However it's stopped by a shark at Aquaman's commanding, with Aquaman leaving to save Dolphin. Aquaman is being battered by the Parademon known as Topkick when the one he saved makes it to the city attacking Topkick saving Aquaman's life,before being killed. Topkick then sees the odds and retreats through a boom tube, with Aquaman asking 394 why, to which he replies why not before dieing 

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