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Tempest goes to Tritonis and frees the Poseidonians, who migrate back to the city; Tempest then finds Dolphin, and they start a relationship; Aquaman, after allowing the Poseidonians back, finds Tempest and Dolphin together.

The citizens of Poseidonis have finished rebuilding Tritonis but at the cost of breaking their proud spirits much to Vulko and Koryak's immense anger. Koryak then goes to the palace to confront Iqula on releasing the citizens from their vow of slavery Aquaman made, with Iqula challenging Koryak to a fight in accordance with the ancient ways for their fate. However Garth returns accepting the fight in his place in order to return the favor to the Atlanteans for long ago accepting him when his own people would not., Garth then makes himself a human sacrifice for Iqula's anger, but he is unable to kill him freeing the people before leaving.

While elsewhere Aquaman is enjoying his new ability to look outward with his telepathy to access The Clear. He then senses Porm who questions his continual use of force. He is then awakened from his vision of Porm and returns home with Nomek. While Tempest returns to Dolphin to let her know he has freed the citizens, while she lets him know of her growing fear of Aquaman. Tempest then prepares to leave with Dolphin desiring for him to stay longer with her,while Deep Blue oversees the citizens migration back to Poseidonis. Arthur then heads to Deep Blue's place to find Dolphin to make amends, only to catch her kissing Garth before leaving telling him he hopes he can make her happy. While back in the city Vulko tells Koryak of his vision for the future, that he will one day rule.

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