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The sea life have went to Poseidon to resume his duties as protector of the sea, as Aquaman has grown to frighten them with Poseidon agreeing to confront him with an unknown partner. Meanwhile Aquaman with Nemek is attempting to earn back favor with the sea by asking the sea to take him back only to be confronted by Poseidon who wonders about his desire to reacquire his title of protector of the seas, forcing him into combat with his son Triton who desires to take the position and avenge a previous humiliation. Triton then tells Aquaman the secret to killing him to in accordance with the ancient ways, with all being needed is to humiliate him in front of his subjects to kill him but it would not be a permanent death. 
While Atlan questions his son's foolishness to capture what he used to be, meanwhile all the heroes of the oceans sense the battle being fought. Aquaman then defeats Triton, causing Poseidon to gift Aquaman with the power of a god which proves to much for him which he then takes back. As Aquaman is in a cave which slowly grows darker.

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