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Aquaman returns to Sub-Diego to protect Chandra,while Aquagirl has successfully deduced Chandra herself is the killer confronting and beginning a fight between the two. She is successful in knocking Aquagirl out,but not before being impressed by the girl's detective skills. Aquaman and Chandra then round up a squadron of detectives to questions the thousands of Sub-Diego citizens,Chandra then convinces Aquaman to use her as bait but not before offering her a Wayne Enterprises gun which fires darts tipped with paralyzing venom. A detective then attacks Chandra having deduced her to be the killer, with her shooting and paralyzing him. Aquaman then arrives with Aquagirl, with Chandra releasing Kyle the psychopath to battle Aquaman as Lorena renews her fight with Chandra. He then imprisons her in a makeshift jail promising she will receive continued psychiatric help from an Arkham doctor weekly.

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