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Nuada and Aquaman must save a city from Ocean Master's most powerful magicks! Plus: a retelling of Aquaman's origin tale.

Aquaman and Nuada have been captured by Ocean Master and the Maarzon savages, as the Atlantis army continues it's march towards it's war with the surface world. The savages then prepare to sacrifice their captives in the name of their god, Ocean Master. They take the two heroes into a cavern where they are met by a gigantic crab, which refuses Aquaman's telepathic instructions.

As Aquaman and Nuada face death, Aquaman recount's his origin as well as Orm's to Nuada,only to be confronted by the Ocean Master in his icy lair. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the world, the Atlantean soldiers approach America. The Ocean Master surprisingly appears before them, where Vulko figures out he is the true culprit for the seals theft, before decimating Vulko's army.

Ocean Master then reveals to a capture Aquaman the origin of his vast new powers, having found an ancient library. Upon his studying he learned of the twelve ancient magical crystals of ancient Atlantis. Orm then set out to learn sorcery so he could find the crystals, which he does. He then reveals his theft of Nuada's talisman and Atlantis's seal as well as the three others, utilizing their residual energy to become more powerful then Aquaman.

Aquqman then attacks Orm, however he soon learns he was never actually there. As Aquaman ponders over Orm's plan, and vows to stop it.

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