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Aquaman investigates a deep trench with the Sea Devils, until a monster arrives and takes Deep Blue down into it.

Aquaman and Dolphin are now investigating Deep Blues discovery of the dinosaur on the ocean floor, with Aquaman using his telepathy to determine it came from a nearby trench now called Devil's Deep. As Aquaman and the Sea Devils try and gauge the depth of the trench they are attacked by yet another monster,with everyone trying to stop the rampaging beast until it retreats back into the trench with Deep Blue. Aquaman and Dolphin then gather gear from the Sea Devils to go after them using the tracer Deep Blue was tagged with, while Deep Blue is being introduced to her captor.

Ultimately Aquaman is forced to pursue on his own when the increased pressure of the trench forces Dolphin to stop her descent. Aquaman then comes across Deep Blue's captor his old foe Black Manta, who has mutated as his result of his deal with Neron. Aquaman then begins his battle with Manta and his school of sharks managing to injury the sharks so they kill each other, but is set upon by the vast number of new creatures of the abyss, where he is dragged even further down into the abyss but drags Manta down with him further then any person has ever gone.

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