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Lorena in her new alias as Aquagirl begins showing off her new costume to Aquaman who voices his disappointment at her desire to even wear one before leaving to supervise the visits by boat between the surface citizens and the citizens of Sub Diego.Meanwhile Hector continues his journey exploring the sea,only to meet Vulko and the Atlantean navy who are searching for Sub Diego.While elsewhere a local reporter continues to try to get Aquaman to give her an interview, giving him her card for if he changes his mind. The returning citizens are then attacked by a swarm of sharks with Aquagirl preparing to protect the citizens until a mutated monster attacks the school of sharks,with Aquaman arriving to learn he is a police officer by the name of Alonzo Malrey who is going to help out in Sub Diego.Aquaman then returns to Geist who is responsible for mutating the officer. Geiest then shows Aquaman a recording of a corporation which through the use of Sub Diego volunteers has copied the gene for water breathing which originally came from Aquman himself.

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