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Aquaman and Dolphin meet with a man in a dark alley in long trench coats where Aquaman seeks his aid, but with him refusing. He then reveals his true form of The Martian Manhunter following a comment by Dolphin, but spurs him to agree to help on the condition he is not required to attack Japan directly.  Meanwhile in Japan Demon Gate and his brother meet with the prime minister of Japan who is scolding him for his carelessness of dragging them into his personal vendetta. Aquaman then reveals his need for the Manhunter, to help him retake the floating Poseidonis which proves very difficult when the city attacks them, but Manhunter eventually manages to break through the main gates. 
Aquaman with the manhunter's aid then manages to gain dominion over the sentience in the ship. Meanwhile in the ocean Deep Blue leads the Sea Devils deep to the ocean's floor, where they find a dead dinosaur which has been there for less then a week. While Aquaman has moved Poseidonis over the streets of Tokyo calling for Demon Gate to be turned over to him. His brother then brings him to the roof where he disables his body leaving him for Aquaman who takes him back to Poseidonis placing him on trial. Aquaman then deems him guilty despite Dolphin and Nemek's urging that it isn't what Porm would want, with all the sea life telling him otherwise Aquaman commutes Demon Gate's sentence sentencing him to an island with no weapons, to be brought food by the local sea life daily.

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