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The Sun-Eater has made the Earth grow cold, and Aquaman is still dealing with the aftermath of the invasion!

Aquaman is dealing with the result of the sun being destroyed by the Sun-Eater during the Final Night, while Aquaman talks with Nuada about her sending home their various allies deeming it best for them to spend the most time with their loved ones. Koryak meanwhile is grappling with his regrets over his actions under Kordax's thrall, while theorizing with Dolphin that he might not be dead as there was no body. While Aquaman ponders over Kordax's theory that the ship's technology is in reality controlling him mentally,but pushes it aside when he realizes his dolphins are in danger because with the water frozen they can no longer breathe.

Aquaman then utilizes the portal to let Porm know he is coming, with Porm being proud that the boy she raised is now her savior but is then confronted by a unseen enemy who points a weapon at the dolphin. Aquaman then tries to use his ship which is unable to function forcing him go to the ship at the heart of Poseidonis, with it's sentience revealing it's love for Aquaman but on being rebuffed begins turning the city against the three causing them to flee. They then arrive where they help the group of dolphins by causing a large opening for them to breathe, he then leaves to find Porm only find her bloodied body above the ice with a lightning bolt brand and her blood having been used to write vengeance in Japanese. Aquaman then swears vengeance on the person who murdered Porm.

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