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Aquaman is saved from death by Mako his new ally, who is slashed in return as Aquaman calls back each particle of his hand reforming it.Aquaman then saves his friend, and ripping one his mechanical arms off but is forced into retreat to save his ally from several frenzied sharks. The Sea-Devils then fall back as well, but not before Marauder snaps Melinda's neck and delivers a message to not interfere or he will kill the remaining survivors.Aquaman then manages to delay the sharks by summoning several dolphins,who hamper the sharks and give Aquaman time to get away to a Navy vessel where the doctors work to save him. Aquaman then attempts to stop the Navy from destroying the base, and contaminating the entire bay. Aquaman then leads the Sea Devils and Lorena with Aquaman renewing his battle with Marauder,while the Sea Devils and Lorena help to evacuate,prevent the bases destruction and destroy top secret equipment to ensure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Aquaman then is successful in defeating Marauder who is taken into Navy custody.

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