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Lorena growing frustrated at the melancholy attitude of the citizens of Sub-Diego snaps yelling at several,while Aquaman meets with Batman for information on The Eel, as Batman gives him a Wayne Enterprises dampener which will block the villains telepathy by 99%.Meanwhile The Eel meets with one of his lieutenants for a progress report of the drug trade, as Aquaman arrives subduing and placing the dampener on the villain and uses a school of lionfish to keep his gang there. While in his lab Anton continues his experiments to solve the problems of newborns being unable to breathe underwater, feeling he is closing in on a breakthrough.Meanwhile Aquaman takes the Eel to be taken into custody,when on the boat his helmet begins leaking giving him access to his telekentic powers once again,however the Eel gets the better by manipulating the water present in his body and taking the hero back so he can kill him in front of the citizens of Sub-Diego.However Aquaman defeats him at the last minute minipulating the plankton he had breathed in and having it cause him incredible pain as Aquaman gives him a message for the other villains he meets in prison,to stay away from Sub-Diego.

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