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After escaping the Himalayas, Garth takes Dolphin and Aquaman to Thierna Na Oge.

In the underwater city of Thierna Na Oge, two sisters, Nuada Silverarm and Bres, are engaged in mystic combat. Ultimately, the victor is Silverarm, who exiles her sister, rather than execute Bres. With the conflict ended, Silverarm instructs her people to prepare for the coming of Aquaman. En route from the Himalayas, Tempest and Dolphin ferry the injured Sea King to Thierna Na Oge, aboard Aquaman's telepathically controlled thinkship. Left behind in the Himalayas, the villainous Admiral Strom is picked up by an immense, skull shaped, meteor ship. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of another conflict, Koryak discovers that Atlan is, in fact, not buried in debris, but, according to Kordax, has teleported away. Apparently in response to Bres' call, the meteor ship arrives, at her behest, to end her exile. Aquaman awakens in Thierna Na Oge, being tended to by Silverarm. Aware of Aquaman's goals for the Seven Golden Cities, Silverarm pledges the unconditional support of Thierna Na Oge to the Sea KIng. Tempest and Dolphin discuss Aquaman's "Mission of Unity", which has brought them to Thierna Na Oge. When Dolphin remarks on how much Tempest has changed, the young hero steals a kiss from her, then swims away.

The meteor ship descends down upon Thierna Na Oge. While Silverarm assembles a conclave to repel the skull-shaped scout ship, Aquaman telepathically summons his own vessel, and mounts a delaying action against the invading ship. Aquaman fires on the meteor ship, damaging it enough for it to turn it's focus on him. Before Aquaman's ship can be destroyed, Silverarm's conclave unleash a powerful mystic assault on the meteor ship, blasting it to fragments. Armored invaders pour into the sea, abandoning the meteor ship. Aquaman, Tempest and Dolphin join Silverarm's conclave in repelling the invaders. Aquaman summons sharks to aid in the battle against the invaders. During the conflict, Dolphin is overwhelmed by a sudden compulsion to slay Aquaman. Leveling her weapon upon him, Dolphin takes careful aim, but at the last moment, fires on one of the invaders. Bres makes her presence known, leading the invaders against Thierna Na Oge. No longer willing to abide her sister's actions, Silverarm disintegrates Bres. With Bres' death, the invaders flee. Aquaman suspects their easy victory in the skirmish bodes ill for the true battle to come. The invaders have taken their measure now, and will be better prepared when next they strike. Strom is returned to his base of operations, with dreams of conquest gleaming in his eyes.

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