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Backed by an entire undersea city, Ocean Master battles Aquaman. But no one counted on just how much the new powers of Garth--the former Aqualad--would tip the scales.

Garth's actions have caused the citizen's of Orm's city (Dreaming City) to begin to question his absolute power in his own domain, sending many fleeing. Ocean Master then shoots down the ship in a show of power, preparing to do the same to Aquaman but it hit by a blast from the wreckage, which causes Ocean Master to flee through a trap door. Ocean Master then retreats further into his city to regroup,while the three set out to follow him.Aquaman then discovers the scars on his brother's face from his newly acquired power which he uses to further blame Aquaman, Aquaman then attempts to appeal to Ocean Master through the knowledge that they are in fact brothers. However Strom interferes shooting Aquaman causing Ocean Master to begin to attack everyone in his insanity with Ocean Master overloading with powers blowing the top of the mountain (and the Deaming City is destroyed).

Meanwhile Atlan teleports away to a familiar city where he is confronted by his ancient foe Kordax, and flees as he orders his slaves to capture the wizard.

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