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Don't miss the second seafaring issue of the new ongoing AQUAMAN, featuring special JLA guest Martian Manhunter! With the ignorant government of Atlantis after his head, Aquaman must make a new life for himself. Can Martian Manhunter help an old friend find his true path?

Aquaman and Martian Manhunter discuss what Aquaman is going to do next and the uses and powers of his new hand. Not sure what his next move is and uncertain if he is even going to stay in the Justice League Aquaman moves up the coast of Ireland alone, and stumbles on an old Lighthouse.

He is surprised to see the lighthouse as it looks so much like the one he had in a vision of his "father" earlier that day. Going up to an old man named McCaffrey he asks if he knows any of the Currys but McCaffrey (a colorful old man) says he doesn't and goes off to pull up his crab traps.

Meanwhile, Roduun has called on ancient powers to re-create creatures of the deep to cause so much trouble Aquaman will be drawn into a trap to be killed. The creatures cause havoc on a oil rig and McCaffrey tries to lead them to safety but one of Rodunn's men attacks him causing a cardiac arrest.

The ploy however works and Aquaman is forced to come to sea to save McCaffrey, but he is too late. McCaffrey is dyeing but there is nothing he can do. Remembering the loss of his own father Aquaman pleads for McCaffrey's life. Almost at once the Lady of the Lake does just that and McCaffrey is saved.

Much later McCaffrey is healing on shore though very outspoken. Aquaman seems to have found a place to settle in. Aquaman even makes a point to cover his hands with gloves to fit in.

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