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The new creative team of Will Pfeifer (H-E-R-O), Patrick Gleason & Christian Alamy (JLA: WELCOME TO THE WORKING WEEK) takes Aquaman in a bold, unexpected direction! In the six-part "American Tidal" story line, a devastating earthquake hits San Diego, leaving thousands dead. But someone survived the cataclysm...and their survival will require Aquaman to take on a new role that draws upon all his experience as a hero and leader of a nation

When disaster strikes California in the form of a devastating earthquake, Aquaman's on the scene, swimming through the sunken ruins of San Diego, desperately looking for signs of life. He finds none.

Until one night, when an event on a San Diego beach reveals someone did survive the cataclysm. But how they survived - and how they'll continue to survive - will force Aquaman to take on a new role that will draw upon all his experiences... as a super-hero, as a representative of the living seas, as a member of the JLA, and as the leader of a nation!







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