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Throne of Atlantis Prelude Review

The Good

I've always took interest in Geoff Johns' work, from the JSA and Infinite Crisis to The Justice League; from The Flash to Green Lantern and Aquaman. All of the DC Comic titles he has wrote for consist some of the greatest story arcs from top bestsellers in the world of comics and Aquaman's Throne of Atlantis is no different. Releasing the first of the critically acclaimed story arc, Aquaman #14, is the prelude to the upcoming Aquaman and Justice League Crossover, Throne of Atlantis.

In the beginning of this issue we see Black Manta in an interrogation room; there to answer questions about Aquaman, but more importantly to be persuaded to being apart of Waller's Suicide Squad. Geoff Johns does a great job on emphasizing more in depths of the wrath Black Manta possesses due to the actions of Aquaman and the murder of his father, also giving us further understandings of his mentality of killing Aquaman or die trying. Will we see Black Manta in the near future fighting alongside Waller's Suicide Squad or will he stay on the same direction he's taken and try to take on Aquaman, himself?

As far as Ocean Master goes, this was his debut in The New 52 Aquaman series and may I say, it's so happy to see him back in the midst of everything. Even though he's behind the shadows of the deep waters the entire issue, the cover displays somewhat of how this character has been redesigned and upgraded. Besides his overall appearance being reanimated, it's his personality that collaborates with this character's redevelopment; being a more collected, bold and seemingly wiser Orm than the older version of himself. Will we see Ocean Master aid Aquaman into finding the bandit of atlantean relics, stop the tyranny sentenced upon the surface world and protect the Throne of Atlantis? Or is he the dictator behind the whole scheme?!

I believe pencilers, Pete Woods and Pere Perez did an outstanding job on meeting the requirements and general standards passed down from their co-workers and predecessors of this title, Ivan Reis who collaborated with Joe Prado to help create the cover of this issue. Do I want Reis and Prado back sketching the Aquaman title again, especially for this crossover? Of course, but I think Woods and Perez are great substitutes, working very well with colorist, Tony Avina and the variety of talented inkers.

The Bad

There were no flaws or complaints that came to mind and I was completely captivated with this issue.

The Verdict

Not only has Jim Lee, Geoff Johns and the rest of the cast working with The New 52 Aquaman title help redesign Orin into a more enjoyable and heroic character, but also polished up the rest of the existing characters and origins such as the redevelopment of Aquaman and Ocean Master, both physically and mentally. In my eyes, I believe this is one of the most top notch crew of writers and artists working behind such title and is helping to restructure the concept of Aquaman. This prelude of the "Throne of Atlantis" is a must-have and definitely an issue to bag up and store for greater purpose for future references.

Posted by Cyclops4President

Great review

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