razzatazz's Aquaman #14 - Throne of Atlantis, Prologue review

Threats against the boy

This is an entirely acceptable, if maybe not very pulse pounding introduction to the new story arc which will intersect this title and that of Justice League.  This builds a lot more on the Zero issue and mostly ignores the previous story arc except for the very last part of it.  In so doing there is a bit of a drop off here, though it might be hard specifically to put a finger on exactly what it is.  What it is though is that this title despite being titled Aquaman is at its heart a team book.  That team can be only Arthur and Mera, or maybe with the Others, but anytime that there has been an absence of other characters in this series, it feels like the main hero really needs someone to work with both as a character and in reference to the story.  This has actually been one of the strengths of this series thus far, specifically in the use of supporting female characters.  Reading this though gave me no extra sense of anticipation for the story arc, rather it seemed as though it was introducing information which will likely be summarized later anyway.  A decent in the end then but doesn't give the impression of being necessary.  


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