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Aquaman visits Mera's dimension and finds himself fighting for his life against her other husband, Thanatos. Plus, the secret of the other-dimensional Arthur Jr. is revealed, and a group called The Others grants Thanatos passage to Aquaman's dimension!

Aquaman is parades in front of the crowd as Thanatos prepares to execute his foe, however Aquaman manages to use his hook to stop the guillotine and free himself. Dolphin then frees herself, as Aquaman begins his battle with Thanatos before disarming and beginning to choke him,until the setting changes placing Aquaman alone in a jungle, he is then drawn by Mera's scream where he once again confronts Thanatos who stabs Mera, before deciding that it's not the fate Aquaman deserves. He then awakens in a Roman Coliseum, where he is ordered to battle Thanatos. Aquaman then defeats Thanatos but ultimately spares him, which causes the tribunal to appear granting Thanatos absolution to leave purgatory and return to the other dimension to sin while Aquaman remains until the darkness inside him ultimately grows.

While back in the other dimension Koryak leads the Atlanteans to the sacred Tritonian temple which holds the entrance way they were denied entry into,much to Iqula's anger. Koryak then uses his hardwater power to defeat several soldiers while destroying the temple to gain entrance for his peoples safety. Once inside Koryak then reveals to Vulko his doubts about leading and his allowing King Thesily to die, which Vulko gives him a pep talk to encourage him to continue leading them one of the hidden cities.

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