Aquaman #11

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The Good

As always, brilliant artwork by Ivan Reis. He's great at setting up a scene with these beautiful splash pages. Right off the bat, we get to see the Dead King's tomb, and the amount of detail in these opening pages is outstanding. That's what I love about Reis' art. He does a great job with establishing shots, mainly in splash page format.

The Dead King part of this story, and his tomb, was something I really enjoyed. It adds a lot to the mythos of Aquaman and Atlantis, and it was undoubtedly the best part of this issue.

While this may not have been my favorite issue to this run thus far, I'm incredibly excited to see this story continue. Things are about to get crazy, thanks to the reveal at the end of this issue.

The Bad

This issue is essentially two amazing scenes, which bookend a very dull issue. Lots of character bios discussed through dialogue and power descriptions through dialogue as well. It felt like most of the issue was just trying to catch up the reader with what was already going on.

The middle part of this issue felt a lot longer than it should have been. It really broke up the issue, and it wasn't as interesting as the start or the finish of this issue. Plus, I just don't like Vostok. I don't find him interesting. The same goes for the Operative.

The Verdict

Well, this is the worst of the Aquaman series so far, but that being said, the worst issue of this Aquaman run is still better than 95% of the books on the shelf. While I loved the art and the Dead King part of this story, the middle of this book dragged and was a bit uninteresting for me. However, this is info you need to continue reading this book because it's heading in an exciting direction.

Since Johns took over this book, I've come to expect a lot from this series, and every issue, except this one, has been dynamite for me. While I liked it though, it just wasn't on the same level as the 10 issues before it.

While I was a bit let down, I do recommend this issue.


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