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A gigantic dinosaur threatens New York. How did it get here? Aquaman may just die trying to find the answer!

The issue starts off with a dinosaur exploring the wreckage of the Titanic, before setting off to hunt for food. While in New York, Aquaman is finally listening to Mission's suggestion to see a S.T.A.R. Labs doctor, who questions Aquaman's constant injuries, which could be causing his emotional state prescribing him a sedative and improving his diet to heal. Aquaman then takes his sedative, and falls asleep as the dinosaur arrives in the New York harbor drawn by the noise of the city. The dinosaur then surfaces in the harbor only to be shot by an off duty cop which sends it into a rampage destroying the ship. The dinosaur then begins picking up the civilians from the water, moving them to safety of a giant rock in the harbor. Aquaman then leads the creature out to sea, while trying to prevent the cops from calling in the navy to kill it.

Meanwhile the King of Poseidonis has decided to order Aquaman back home because of his actions since becoming the ambassador. A groggy Aquaman then makes direct telepathic contact, learning of the creatures hunger as he battles it. Aquaman is then met by a women, who is the master of the dinosaur named Peli, who battles Aquaman then reaches an understanding that he and the dinosaur were only defending themselves.However the master Derea then tells Aquaman that he summoned Peli to New York while he slept, upon returning to New York Aquaman is told by Mission of his need to return home.

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