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To be honest, I have never read an Aquaman comic, cared for the character, and was really not interested in reading this line. My fate was already sealed though as a coworker had bought the issue and said he liked it. When the issue landed on my desk, I didn't think much of it, but as I began flipping through the pages, I became more and more invested in this character. Aquaman showcased a lot more power and character than I thought he had and there was an element of humility, not from the character itself, but from the way that the story was written; As if the writers were apologizing that Aquaman had not been top shelf material in the past. In the end, the combination of witty writing, great visuals, and mysterious ending puts this first issue in line with the best the New 52 has to offer.

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Posted by theduffel

I had the very same attitude walking into this comic. It's why i didn't even buy it myself. After giving the first issue a gander I am surprised to say I am excited about the next issue. They pretty much covered everyone's thoughts towards the character. Issue 1 made me respect the King of Atlantis a little more. I hope if anyone see's this issue lying around they will give it a shot like I did. That's my two cents!

Posted by AirDave817

It is a shame that DC has so many interesting characters, yet only focuses attention on one or two or a few at a time and leave the rest to...(I have to say it) flounder.

Posted by HalfShellHero

@AirDave817: You sir, are awesome for that pun. I don't know if you've read the next issue, but it might help you decide whether or not to continue reading the series if you haven't made a decision. More mysteries abound!

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