thecrowbar's Aquaman #1 - The Trench, Part One review

Not an Aquaman Fan, until now.

Boy oh boy, finally a comic that shows us what it really means to be a hero!

The Good!

All of it! No seriously I love it all. The art work is crisp and clean, it's not too artsy for it's own good, it's not so realistic that you get motion sickness from it! The writing,  I'm not a huge fan of Johns, but wow, he took all that pessimistic animosity I had for Aquaman and threw it out the window! He explains to us what Aquaman can do, he shows us Aquaman in action. Then he shows us why we should even consider Aquaman a hero. He's not in it for the glory, he's not in it for money. He's doing the right thing, because it's the right thing to do. This Aquaman will be a timeless hero. Johns did an amazing job.
The Bad!
At times the jeering that Aquaman gets is a bit meta. Like the reporter that asks him how it feels to be the Superhero no one likes. Doesn't matter if no one actually likes him. The dude walked in with a trident and chainmail, why would you want to piss him off?

The Verdict:

Aquaman #1 is everything DC promised us with the New 52. If you have a friend that wants to get into comics this is the comic to get them into it. I really look forward to the next issue.
Posted by AirDave817

Not sure just HOW surprising it is that Johns and Reis have a hit on their hands with Aquaman...

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