amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Aquaman #1 - The Trench, Part One review

They Came From The Deep

Assuming the book begins after BRIGHTEST DAY of GEOFF JOHNS & JIM LEE'S JUSTICE LEAGUE, it's great to see Johns back in AQUAMAN. Ever since his run on Blackest Night, Aquaman has been coming interesting for me. He was a zombie until he was brought back to life (again) with a second chance in Brightest Day, where he recruits his arch-enemy (Black Manta)'s son to become the new Aqualad as they fight against both Manta and Atlantean colonialists (from Xebel), and in the alternate timeline of Flashpoint he stinks most of Europe and goes to war with Wonder Woman (who was going to marry Aquaman to bring peace between two ancient civilizations until her mother killed by an "Atlantean") and her Amazons. NOW, we get to see the Sea King take on creatures from the deep, which is cool because the bottom of the ocean continues to reveal more ancient sea creatures.

When I see Aquaman I'm thinking Waterworld and the Pirates of the Carribbean. The story so far reminds something far more scarier than Jaws....PIRANHA (both the original 1978 film and the 2010 remake). By the time the first story arc is over I still wonder if Black Manta or the new Aqualad will return.

Bravo Johns. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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