facemelter88's Aquaman #1 - The Trench, Part One review

Did you feel that, its Aquaman being respected&it feels good

Thank you Geoff Johns, thank you. I've always liked Aquaman but he was never a favorite but Blackest Night/Brightest Day really got me interested in the guy. I, as well as Geoff Johns, get how Aquaman has been the brunt of a lot of jokes over the years but seeing this reflected in this issue was AWESOME and very chuckle worthy (seriously nothing better than Geoff Johns poking fun at the fact people poke fun at Aquaman). This is a great way to reintroduce Aquaman into the comic world; Aquaman is seen taking his heroics inland and that he isn't restricted to being a superhuman lifeguard, he is a regular guy that eats at restaruants, he is a man torn between two worlds, he is still in love with Mera and he holds his time on land with his human father very dear to him. Ivan Reis is amazingly talented he can say how Arthur is feeling just by his facial expressions and body language as well if not better than any words could, trust me its remarkable. Geoff Johns seems to understand the character and have quite a bit of love for him too and isn't afraid to admit a lot of people don't appreciate Aquaman as he does. The Trench story arc is looking to be pretty promising, it was only featured in like 4.5 pages but I'm excited about it. This is a great opening issue that gives us a "day in the life of..." feeling and provides the stepping stones for a solid series. Do yourself a favor and pick up this issue.

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Posted by alexelfeo

Johns is great he describe us a new hero from the attitude

Posted by AirDave817

This first story arc could be Aquaman: Reborn...

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