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This is Aquaman! Johns & Reis nail this first issue... 0

Since the first moment I heard that Aquaman was getting a new ongoing series I was excited. The fact that the creative team of Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis would be handling it was the icing on the cake. Johns' take on the character is finally here and for me it's been worth the wait.  "Aquaman" #1 is an introduction issue in almost every way. Johns goes to great lengths to introduce Aquaman, tell about his history, show off his powers, explain his current situation, and reveal him to be a frustra...

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Not so Fishy 0

Aquaman is getting his long-overdue revamp. And he gets to do all things we like: Heroics, action, love, good deeds. Well, everything but one thing: He doesn’t talk to fish.The Good:Aquaman is finally a hero again. He’s a heroic character and he doesn’t act all “outrageous” or snobbish. He’s just a guy who can survive the immense pressure underwater and help out. This is shown off beautifully by this book.The whole “Nobody’s Hero”-aspect is unique and new and pretty cool. I hope they stick with ...

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He looks fine 0

I have never really liked Aquaman and now I know why -  he has never been written by Geoff Johns before.  The story here was so fresh and multilayered that I could not help but to love it.  Johns is very much in control here and that means his standard level of writing gets to shine through (which is to say this is very well written.)   Where Johns particularly succeeds here is where a lot of other writers have failed, he doesn't try to make Aquaman something he isn't be tackling the "lamest sup...

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I almost laughed... 0

This might be a little bit spoilerish, but the reason that is is because the things I want to point out are nit-picky... things that most people really aren't going to pay attention too. So first I'll have to say that with this book i'm a little annoyed with my own bias. This is a good enough book to get a 4.5 or 5 star rating from me, but I considered giving it less because of Geoff Johns as writer. Good thing I try always to be fair! The truth is this is well done and introduces the character ...

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He Doesn't Talk to Fish. He Gossips with Dolphins, Though. 0

To probably no one's surprise, Aquaman delivers on its long-awaited relaunch as Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis give us an Arthur Curry who can easily carry his own series among the best. The creepy and well done introduction of a new threat really elevates this issue, and Reis' art is amazing throughout.Johns and Reis have effectively already done the work of selling readers on Aquaman with Blackest Night and Brightest Day, so many are coming into this with the belief that Aquaman can be a main playe...

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Dude, is that...? Aquaman? HAHAHAHA! 0

It's no secret that I've been underwhelmed by DC's 'New 52'.I'm happy to say, that does not include Aquaman. The problem with Aquaman is that he's pretty useless outside the ocean and everyone knows it he's rarely been written by a creative writer. I really enjoyed Peter David's Atlantis Chronicles, but that really wasn't Aquaman, that was the backstory to Aquaman.But this, this issue right here was SO worth the price of admission. To begin with, we get a new threat rising from the deep - some...

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Aquaman IS Cool! 0

Aquaman is back and he is COOL! Right away, huge, HUGE props to Geoff Johns. This is an Aquaman like we've never seen before; he's bold, he's tough, and he eats fish and chips.What is great about this comic:1. Aquaman kicks butt on land: I love how Johns has him helping out in bay areas when he 'hears trouble.' Great idea, I mean his underwater stuff is cool, but seeing him a legitimate on-land hero, is awesome. He's super strong, nearly invulnerable, and he doesn't have to have water.2. It is i...

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Did you feel that, its Aquaman being respected&it feels good 0

Thank you Geoff Johns, thank you. I've always liked Aquaman but he was never a favorite but Blackest Night/Brightest Day really got me interested in the guy. I, as well as Geoff Johns, get how Aquaman has been the brunt of a lot of jokes over the years but seeing this reflected in this issue was AWESOME and very chuckle worthy (seriously nothing better than Geoff Johns poking fun at the fact people poke fun at Aquaman). This is a great way to reintroduce Aquaman into the comic world; Aquaman is ...

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The Case For Aquaman 0

Aquaman shouldn't be an underdog. Not only is he wealthy royalty from a lost civilization, he also has superpowers. But far from being the man who has it all, Arthur Curry is more like a man without a country. He doesn't feel at home in Atlantis, but as this book shows, the surface world he wants to embrace and protect seems determined to push him away. As a result, Arthur Curry may have just become the most sympathetic character in DC's new universe.This first issue in the new series focuses le...

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The best of the Relaunch titles 0

Aquaman has been the title all along that I have been waiting for the most because I really love Aquaman. I'd been waiting for him to get his own series again since I started to read comics and I was more than excited when the Relaunch came around and Aquaman was one of the new 52 titles. I was really stoked to see Geoff Johns' name on the book because like Hawkman and the Green Lantern characters, he seems to be a guy who really understands Aquaman.Geoff Johns clearly loves Aquaman and I love t...

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Aquaman Rebirth 0

The Story: Aquaman stops a group of men running from the law. Later he decides not to go back to Atlantis.  My Thoughts:This is one of the new 52 series I had been looking most forward too. I like Aquaman and I've been dying to read a great Aquaman series. When I heard Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis were going to be the creative team for the series I was ecstatic. I had high hopes they would deliver the type of Aquaman comic I've been wishing to read and they didn't disappoint.  As everyone knows, Aq...

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One word... AWESOME!!! 0

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to expect. For the life of me, I've never taken Aquaman seriously. All I've ever seen him is in JLA books, but never did I try to pick up a solo book. The appeal to me just wasnt there. However, Aquaman has been intriguing me ever since Brightest Day, and the Emperor Aquaman series wasnt too bad either.With that being said, the first issue of Aquaman in the new 52 is simply AWESOME! There are countless synonyms I could use for awesome that would take up ...

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Aquaman Is Completely Validated, But There's Little Actual Story 0

The Good: Definitely a great cover for the first issue. We've got Aquaman and he is looking badass. People who think he's nothing more than a joke will double take when they see this, and hopefully give it a chance. And Ivan Reis artwork is definitely excellent. Not a lot to say about it other than excellent. The Trench seem to have some interesting qualities to them, and are present as a damn creepy enemy. Aquaman proves himself on several levels as a capable hero. He overcomes all the adversit...

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Favorite of the Week 0

Ever since the concept of Aquaman wielding zombie sharks to consume Atlantean soldiers... I've been crazed to see Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis take on Aquaman. Yes, we had it during Brightest Day... but what I was waiting for was that first issue buzz, holding a new beginning in my hands. It was a long wait, but I finally got that tingling sensation and so much more. Aquaman is back, and he might just be one of the coolest heroes ever.GoodOne rather nice feature of this book was the level of access...

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They Came From The Deep 0

Assuming the book begins after BRIGHTEST DAY of GEOFF JOHNS & JIM LEE'S JUSTICE LEAGUE, it's great to see Johns back in AQUAMAN. Ever since his run on Blackest Night, Aquaman has been coming interesting for me. He was a zombie until he was brought back to life (again) with a second chance in Brightest Day, where he recruits his arch-enemy (Black Manta)'s son to become the new Aqualad as they fight against both Manta and Atlantean colonialists (from Xebel), and in the alternate timeline of Fl...

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Not an Aquaman Fan, until now. 0

Boy oh boy, finally a comic that shows us what it really means to be a hero!  The Good! All of it! No seriously I love it all. The art work is crisp and clean, it's not too artsy for it's own good, it's not so realistic that you get motion sickness from it! The writing,  I'm not a huge fan of Johns, but wow, he took all that pessimistic animosity I had for Aquaman and threw it out the window! He explains to us what Aquaman can do, he shows us Aquaman in action. Then he shows us why we should eve...

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Aquaman will be making big waves 0

Geoff Johns really can make anyone care about any character he writes.  If you didn't like Aquaman before, beware this book, it might warm your heart.    The book itself is extremely accessible for new readers, Johns crafts a vary simple and effective narrative that doesn't feel that way.  He writes the book for the reader to relate, even having a rude blogger interrupting Aquaman eating, since lets face it, no one has manners anymore and everything things their blog, twitterfeed, facebook, and ...

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Aqua-who? 0

To be honest, I have never read an Aquaman comic, cared for the character, and was really not interested in reading this line. My fate was already sealed though as a coworker had bought the issue and said he liked it. When the issue landed on my desk, I didn't think much of it, but as I began flipping through the pages, I became more and more invested in this character. Aquaman showcased a lot more power and character than I thought he had and there was an element of humility, not from the chara...

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Aquaman Rocks!!!! 0

I had to check out Aquaman and he is awesome. In this issue we see him fight some criminals, gets lunch, and chooses to saty on land, but in the ocean something is coming. This issue was incredible and shows a better Aquaman because he's been in jokes and not called a superhero, but now he is incredible because he gets the job done, has cool powers and wants to be land to help people. The issue also shows some of his past and shows his beautiful wife Mera. Overall this is a great comic and fans ...

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He Doesn't Talk to Them, But He Does Sleep With Them 0

It's become somewhat vogue to be an Aquaman apologist. I grew up thinking he was a tool (I grew up in the '90s), but over the years, once I found out about his actual power set - it's not just swimming and telepathy - I became intrigued. When Johns announced he'd be taking over, I felt relief. I may disagree with some of his decisions, but one thing he knows is how to get a character back on track.Aquaman has a Golden Age pedigree and deserves more respect than he tends to get. This is pretty mu...

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Aquaman: REBORN! 0

I just got back from spending six weeks in Kiev, Ukraine finalizing my son's adoption. You can only imagine what it's like to be a "fish out of water". My wife, Cathy, was with me for three of the six weeks, from mid-September to early October. I spent the final three weeks from the beginning of the month to almost the end of the month on my own. My first time outside of the US. In a foreign country. Not familiar with the language. I share this, because one of the nice things about coming ba...

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Hail to the King of Atlantis 0

I know this is late but I still want to contribute.I heard that Geoff Johns was going to make Aquaman cool, I was laughing saying yeah right. I bought this issue to see what he means and if he can really make Aquaman awesome.The Good: Right off the bat Geoff Johns has Aquaman deal with all those jokes and jabs, then he gets into the action proving that Aquaman has a place in the DCU, that Aquaman is more than a bubble maker, that he has story and character depth, Ivan Reis' art is great, I love ...

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Here comes sexy Aquaman!! 0

First thing I would like to tell for all those who read this is ,I am very new to reading comics, I have just read a few comics about batman, superman. My hubby just gave a brief idea about the notion of “New 52” and from then I have got interest in knowing about other DC characters too. One among them being Aquaman.First thing that fascinated me in reading this book was the name itself. I had been to a comic store and I was just browsing through and I found this book, just read 3 to 4 pages and...

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Poking fun in a good way 0

This Aquaman did beat up Wonder Woman.....This chapter pretty does more for the fish guy than decades of comic books and cartoons. No 'OUTRAGEOUS', no fish people....he is shown to have some tricks.His armor repelled bullets, his trident stopped a full speed car, and people took joke shots at him for being 'just able to talk to fish'.We saw his hot wife, he gave up his kingness...and a bunch of creepy villains attacked.And he came to Boston....GO NEW ENGLAND!...

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Classic 0

I'll begin by admitting that Aquaman has never really been a character I go nuts over but I have always liked and enjoyed the character. I will also admit that I have never subscribed to anything he was in...until now. Issue 1 immediately hooked me. The first pages are amazing and the dynamic of the poorly respected hero gives him an angle we never see in comics. This issue doesn't have a ton of story but what it has is classically written. Something happens at the beginning of the book that is ...

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A Bit Heavy Handed 0

I'm not a huge fan of DC, beyond the Flash series, but this series had gotten so much praise that I thought I'd check it out. And, while it is good, this issue feels incredibly heavy-handed with the point it's trying to make, something that I've seen in much of the New 52.I understand that Aquaman has been under appreciated for years as a character, and it's an interesting idea to make that the focal point of this story, but, for the most part, you're telling us stuff we already know. Meanwhile,...

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This Ain't Your Daddy's Aquaman 0

A high bar has been set with the first issue of the New 52 Aquaman series. This book, although not perfect by any means, is a great jumping off point for this iteration of Aquaman. It is satisfying to see a character that gets given such a hard time finally get some respect, and for good reason. The book is a great blend of action and narrative, and never takes itself too seriously. Actually, in my opinion one of the best aspects of the book is how Aquaman is treated as a joke by many of the sup...

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