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A DC ONE MILLION tie-in! On the future's Martian moon Deimos, a longstanding goal is finally realized when the first angel in centuries is sent out. However, the Order has grown its own emissary, one capable of traversing time and space with a flap of his wings!

A Zero Month crossover issue. After their fight with Charybdis in Aquaman #2, Dolphin has rescued Aquaman and Aqualad, and brought them back to Atlantis. While Dolphin helps Aqualad recuperate by accompanying him on a tour of the city, Aquaman begins slipping in and out of consciousness after losing his hand to Charybdis’ piranhas. Vulko manages to cauterize the wound, but Aquaman’s condition worsens. Aquaman hallucinates on things from the past, including Dolphin and Mera betraying him and Atlan and Nuliajuk fight over his soul. After a frenzy of fish beset the city of Atlantis, Aqualad and Dolphin find that Aquaman has regained consciousness and has left for the Aquacave. The two head there, to find Aquaman has replaced his missing hand with a bandaged harpoon tip.

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I must admit first off, that Aquaman is not one of my favorites, so take this review with a grain of salt.  I happened to pick up this issue with a large lot a acquired and decided to give it a read.  Mostly for curiosity sake.  The are is good in a nice early 90's fashion, I liked it a lot.  The story tho, I just didn't care for.  Aquaman is seriously injured and remembering things from his past and dreaming things that aren't there or happened.  It just didn't seem to flow well for me or tell ...

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Not Bad 0

Aquaman was never one of my favorite characters because i was more into the Green Arrow and Batman esque obviouslly Aqua isnt anything like them.Whats worse is Smallville when they did Aquaman they hired a actor that couldnt act.Dont get me wrong Smallville is an amazing show their selections for heroes  Green Arrow,Cyborg and Clark were all wonderful.Anyway i was going through some old boxes and found this issue and it actually was fun to read i believe the cover was what drew me in....

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