Does anyone know his Strength level?

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whos strength Level?

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In the premiere he was able to fight Super-Boy for a little bit and pried open the elevator doors, which where made of steel. So he has at least peak human strength. This was said here

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 This should help.

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Woah it's Dick Grayson and Wally West? Didn't really expect that. I haven't seen the show yet. Looks like he's second strongest after Superboy, third fastest after Kid Flash and Superboy lowest agility and tied for second last intellect with Miss Martian over Superboy.
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So he's basically the same as Superboy.  
Is he fueled by water? Does he lose strength without it?
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So far he doesn't, so i would assume he doesn't
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@cryoflar3: thanks for posting that. it was a big help.
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@atom895: No prob.

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