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Aquabeast was created by Nick Cardy and Bob Haney.

Major Story Arcs


Peter Dudley, the man who would become the Aquabeast, was once a bored billionaire playboy. By chance, he happened to encounter Aquaman and Mera, while boating on his yacht, Adventure. Dudley was immediately taken with Mera, and dreamed of possessing her, as his mate. To that end, he underwent extensive cosmetic surgery, as well as genetic modification, so that he would not only look like Aquaman, but become amphibious, as well. The untested transformation process was flawed, resulting in Dudley's mutation into the brutish Aquabeast. Despite his hideous, misshapen appearance, Dudley proceeded to Atlantis to win Mera's heart.

Dudley stormed into the Atlantean throne room, and declared his intentions for Mera. This drew the ire of Aquaman. The two faced each other in combat. As the Aquabeast, Dudley had developed super-human strength, speed, and stamina, as well as a great degree of resistance to injury. Aquaman was outclassed in all aspects, and, despite putting up a valiant effort, was summarily defeated by Dudley. Aqualad, too, tried to intervene in Mera's defense, but was put down with one blow. Mera resisted Dudley, using her water manipulation abilities, but proved unable to stop him from abducting her, and taking her away from Atlantis.

Dudley dragged Mera to a deep sea area known only as "The Forgotten Place". Once there, they came under attack by creatures, called "Demonoids". Despite their greater number, Dudley held his own against the horde. It was only when the Demonoids brought energy weapons into play that Dudley was threatened with defeat. A last second intervention by Aquaman and Aquald, allowed Dudley, with Mera in tow, to escape the onslaught of the Demonoids. Venturing deeper into "The Forgotten Place", Dudley and Mera encountered a giant alien simian, who identified itself as "Hammuri". Hammuri declared it's intention to harvest Mera's brain, as an energy source for it's computers. Dudley put himself between Mera and the alien, and vowed to protect her. Dudley attacked Hammuri, but after a pitched combat, the bizarre amphibious ape gained the upper hand. Growing wings from his adaptive space suit, Hammuri carried Dudley out over a deep ocean chasm. Dudley managed to crush Hammuri's wings, causing them both to plummet into the abyss, never to be seen again. Despite his methods, Dudley truly did love Mera, and, in the end, was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her from Hammuri.

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