Who can defeat Apocalypse?

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 Who can defeat Apocalypse, in any universe like (Marvel,Dc,Top Cow or Image universe) heroes or villians?

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Marvel = Sentry and anyone up in that echelon.
DC = Superman

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@Lovingdamnation said:
" Marvel = Sentry and anyone up in that echelon. 
Not really... 
There are tonnes of Marvel characters who could beat Apocalypse.
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@John Valentine:
Apocalypse vs Hulk
Black Bolt & Hulk couldn't do it.
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@Lovingdamnation said:
" @John Valentine:
Apocalypse vs Hulk
Black Bolt & Hulk couldn't do it. "
1st scan is from the future, where Apocalypse reigns and is significantly more powerful than current. 
Apocalypse is killed during this story.
Apocalypse and Hulk arent fighting in the second. Apocalypse is holding him using leverage.
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(This was the more powerful AoA Apocalypse).
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Can the Fantastic Four defeat Apocalypse?

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cable can 
magneto can 
jean grey can 
wolverine maybe 
professor x can 
emma frost could possibly 
there are alot of mutants who could 
silver surfer can  
thor can 
thanos can 
sentry can  
adam warlock can
the list goes on for a while
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zoom could. hes just too damn fast

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@squiresmadnessmachine said:

" cable can magneto can jean grey can wolverine maybe professor x can emma frost could possibly there are alot of mutants who could silver surfer can  thor can thanos can sentry can  adam warlock canthe list goes on for a while "

Telepathy does not affect Apocalypse.  Wolverine, definitely not. 
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Darkseid could, Superman could. 
Martian Manhunter could. 
Green Lantern.

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Stan the Man.

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Hal Jordan Green Lantern.. his will power is strong enough 

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I would say:
1. Iceman
2. Vulcan
3. Magneto (potentially)
4. Jean Grey
5. Cassandra Nova
6. Dr. Doom
There are plenty of other characters who would defeat him.

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Depending on who's writing the comic, but classic wise   Thor, Silver Surfer,   The Age of Apocalypse story didn't make no sense he was made of flesh and blood, his body was metal.

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i know this is an old post but really?? the ppl listed on here are a joke. super man..wolverine lol. listen apocalypse has to lose because he is a villain... magneto had to beat him because he was the leader taking over for charles being he died. BLAME THE WRITERS, not the character.

apocalypse for those who obviously dont know...can increase strength to match anyone really, he has super speed and teleportation,every physical power, telekinisis , energy absorbtion , can possess beings , super intellect obviously , master of planning and strategy. not many are defeating him...but being villains have to lose they have to make ways for him to be defeated. think if apocalypse was a hero...who would defeat him?????

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Ok Heres the way I see it.

Thanos would win.

Thor could win

magneto could win.

Black Bolt would win

Hulk could win. Depends on how mad and what version.

Sentry would mostly likely win.

Silver Surfer could mostly likely win.

Blue marvel would win.
jean grey with the phoenix force would win. Most likely loses without.

vulcan maybe

Storm has some chance.

I have good reason with each character

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-Silver Surfer




-Jean Grey


These are the ones at the top of my head that can beat Apoc.

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Granted everyone is entitled to their opinions but some of the answers on here by people are laughable! Iceman?? Wolverine?? Emma Frost?? Hulk?? Dr. Doom?? C'mon!! IMHO those people who actually think those characters can beat Apocalypse are in serious Full Retard mode! SMH. Apocalypse's powers eclipses and outclasses those guys. Prime Example: Who can subdue the Hulk?? Who remade the Hulk into Death the Horseman. APOCALYPSE!!! To say that Hulk is just being held and used as leverage!? Idiotic!! Since when does the Hulk ever submit ??? Only when Apocalypse has him in a chokehold!! Nuff Said! Hulk stans please respond...

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@servantofapocalypse: Apocalypse is without a doubt stronger and tougher than a normal angry Hulk, but it does depend on how angry and what verson. Could Apocalypse beat World War Hulk. It would take a lot more than Apocalypse's superhuman strength to beat that Hulk. Apocalypse is a powerhouse though. At full power he is almost unbeatable.

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They'd have to be insanely powerful but first comes to mind is Skyfathers & above could beat Apocalypse.

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@killemall: Most likely you won't get a response :P

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@killemall: Cause he did beat the Hulk before.

He didnt defeat Hulk, he simply convinced Hulk to be his horseman.

Different thing.

That is also not considering how Hulk now is much stronger.

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pretty much anyone who could take stryfe, hulk, or thor can take out apocalypse. main people are magneto (who beat him in two different universes) and anyone one sorcerer supreme level (to my knowledge, apocalypse doesn't really have a magic defense).

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Batman with prep


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