New Horsemen of Apocalypse

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So what do ya think?
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Looks good.

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AWESOME! Good scans!

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Nice those scans are awesome!

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Not bad, only problem is the minotaur was never looked at as a god. It was the offspring of Queen Pasiphae of Minos and a bull.

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I think the idea of plucking mutants from various stages in history, each with unique abilities albeit War, was a good gambit on part of the writers.  

War: A mutant minotaur with healing capabilities and demigod like strength and durability.
Famine: An apathetic confederate spy that transmit a bioauditory fast acting, flesh eating cancer through his drum solo.
Pestilence: An unhinged, self depreciating geisha with a swarm of beetles in her esophagus on the ready to take flight and maim hundreds with brutal execution.
Death: The unsung bastard son of royalty who transmits terminal diseases, the severity of which is contingent on what metal he's in contact with. Wolverine's perfect foil. Death +1 

They weren't just canon existing mutants that he brainwashed, augmented and then dubbed them his HRSM. Each of them are great antagonists and really poses a legitimate threat of death to any team of mutants. They fleshed them out as much as they could have without taking away from the plot. I just hope that with the end of this ark(and how it ended) it's not the end of these guys. Conceptually, they might just be my favorite HRSM to date.

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