Apocalypse's original power set?

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What were Apocalypse's original powers prior  to him augmenting himself?

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I believe that he basically had the Hulk's powers before he merged with the Celestial technology.

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@Edamame: Thanks.
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For lack of a better term, perfect shape shifting. Quote unquote, Apocalypse was born with the mutant power to alter his own atomic structure consciously, allowing him to grant himself
any physical form and more/other mutant powers, as well as giving himself immortality, to the best of my understanding, and the augmentation just amped this irregularly.

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Judging from his own miniseries he had limited regenearation (about the level of classical pre-hype Wolverine), "minor" superstrength (about ten tons), and later on growth powers, something that made him formidable in old Egypt but would let him look a bit pale against nowadays mutants.

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He was immortal even before the technology,he's possibly a External.  He's always had meta morp powers to change his body or grow at size at will.  So he had Hulk's strength and durability, he had to, to manage to defeat Saul who's a Eternal.   So after the Celestial Technology, he was invincible.

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Blue lips and great hips. 

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@SC said:
Blue lips and great hips. 
Oh my.  lol 
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@kadeem: I figured it was just longevity/immortality and enhanced physical attributes

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@hyperlight: super strength, stamina, durability, super healing, body can adapt to areas and diseases, immortality, can increase his size, height, and mass at will, and some energy powers, like shooting energy attacks from his hands or hovering in mid air.

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@hyperlight: yeah everything I typed was before he got amped up with Celestial technology

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