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Earth 295 - Age of Apocalypse

Speciallist to track down Apocalypse´s most valuable objectives, these Bounty Hunters were the must trusted group of assassins working to Apocalypse. Domino (Mutant with the ability to have everything in her side), Gryzzly (with brute force to crush everything) and Caliban (expert mutant tracker and skillful swordsman). 
The final confrontation 
They were sent to find a powerful telepath and offered him to join the dark lord or die. Using their resources, killing Omega red, these hunters managed to find Nate and the Outcasts, a rebellion group of mutants under Forge´s lead. At first they were cheated by Forge and  Mastermind but Domino solved it and blasted Mastermind destroying his illusion and killing him. Caliban and Toad fought a duel with swords, resulting to Toad as winner but instantly killed by Gryizzly. Forge in vengance took Grizzly´s life. 
The final battle was between Domino and Nate, they fought with their unique abilities but at the end Nate released his psy-power to use Domino´s hatred thoughts against her and left her in a cathatonic state.

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