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The dramatic conclusion of the year's most controversial war comic! A mission to recover a black box from a downed spy plane almost turns into an international incident. When Perky gets called for a top secret mission, Rats and Bota are left to control the Yards and fight the VC on their own. A secret unsanctioned rendezvous in a neutral country reveals just how violent and treacherous warfare can be...especially when everyone from the Koreans to the Japanese to the English to the remnants of the Chinese Kuomintang get involved. It's not just wild hares and stray cats in this global arena - join the bears, badgers, dogs, kangaroos and koalas in this the exciting conclusion of Apocalypse Meow!

Inside Cover Blurb

The Secret War

If all's fair in love and war, then there's nothing that says the Rules of Engagement can't be broken! Perky, Rats and Bota receive clandestine orders that may cloud their judgment -- just who exactly are they fighting? Deep within the war-torn borders of Vietnam, the Special Operations Group discovers the dark side of the conflict. The situation gets more intense as the conflict continues to spread beyond sanctioned borders. It's bears, bombs and the black-market -- as the fog of war thickens, the good guys start looking bad and ugly! Where the mission takes Perky, Rats and Bota leads to the shocking conclusion of Apocalypse Meow!

Chapter Titles

  • Mission 14: Mission: Recover the Spy Plane
  • Mission 15: The Self Defense Forces' War in Vietnam
  • Mission 16: Mission: Infiltrate the CIA
  • Mission 17: Nuclear Landmine
  • Bonus: New Publication: GUNSHIP
  • Bonus: Afterward







Story Arcs

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