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The startling Vietnam War series continues, with Americans portrayed as rabbits and Vietnamese as cats. Our hero, Sgt. "Perky" Perkins, and his buddies Bota and Rats continue their recon mission deep in the bloody jungles of Vietnam. In this volume Perky begins to see the moral complexity of the war. He witnesses the French, Chinese, and Japanese military involvement in the war, and beneath it all, he sees the suffering of the Vietnamese civilians. While he and his buddies are on R&R in Saigon, Rats gets in trouble with an MP and ends up on a forced military leave of absence. He goes to visit his family in New York City, where (by witnessing various anti-war demonstrations and talking with his childhood friends) he gets a taste of how the American public feels about the war. While Rats is away, Perky and Bota are captured by the Viet Cong and held as prisoners of war. Rats hurries back to Vietnam to join the rescue effort. Perky is a real hero and is loved and respected by his American buddies and their South Vietnamese counterparts. They are not going to let Perky and Bota go down without giving it their all!

Inside Cover Blurb

Complete and Utter Terror...

The missions continue in Apocalypse Meow, Volume 2, as Perky, Rats and Botaski -- the Roadrunners of the Special Operations Group -- face imprisonment, collateral damage and death. This time, their latest orders expose them to the tragic brutality of the conflict, but do they possess the gumption to vanquish their enemies?

Chapter Titles

  • Mission 10: Year of the Monkey
  • Mission 11: The French
  • Mission 12: Happy Holiday
  • Mission 13: Rat's Vacation
  • The Start of the SOG Recon Team
  • LRRP Training
  • Phantoms of the Jungle
  • Weapons of the Australian SAS
  • Bonus: Motofumi's Workshop
  • Bonus: Postscripts







Story Arcs

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