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Aphrodite IV's first mission was to infiltrate the newly established base of cybernetic superheroes known as Cyberforce. The reason for this is still unknown. Aphrodite IV is the distant predecessor to Aphrodite IX.

Major Story Arcs

Aphrodite IV was sent against the Witchblade wielder, Sara Pezzini to test her battle proficiency against a mystical opponent. Having survived the encounter intact, Aphrodite was fitted with some upgrades and sent on her next mission: To capture Jackie Estacado and bring him to The Sovereign. Aphrodite was successful in her mission, although this was due to the fact that Jackie was cut off from the full power of Darkness.

Almost Human


Aphrodite was sent to eliminate a traitor who was defecting to Cyberdata, but she was temporarily neutralized by a pair of SHOC Troopers. Once she was repaired, she was sent on a mission to eliminate Dr. Singh, during which she again had a brief encounter with Sara Pezzini. Their fight was cut short, however, when more Cyberdata SHOC Troops appeared, forcing the two to join forces. Later, they encountered several other androids similar to Aphrodite. Their new opponents having been defeated, Aphrodite turns on Sara, knocks her unconscious and kills Dr Singh.


After returning to base, she finds out that her handlers are not there and when she leaves she is attacked and becomes unconscious. When she wakes up an unknown voice tasks her with finding the 13 Artifacts citing that it is already in possession of the Coin of Solomon. Aphrodite ends up agreeing to this and sets out on her new mission.

The Big Hit

She goes on to disguise herself as a clown selling balloons in order to get close to Julie and Hope Pezzini. She kills Julie and is attacked by a Darkling and an Angelus Warrior who were watching over Hope due to an understanding between The Darkness and The Angelus. She destroys both with a beam of light and takes off with Hope. Her motives are still are unknown. Aphrodite IV returns Hope to the Curator. He tells Aphodite IV that Hope is a lovely child and that it is shame that she has to die.

In Aphrodite IV's next mission she aids Ian Nottingham in a prison break and afterwards she apparently recruits him. Next she makes proposition to Alina Enstrom, who bears Pandora's Box. Later Aphrodite IV offers Sabine, bearer of the Wheel of Shadows , revenge on the one who denied her the power of the Angelus, Danielle Baptiste. She next approaches the demon Mali who posses half the power of The Heart Stone. She offers him a promise that he will hold a high position in the new world her boss plans to create and the opportunity to take the other Half of th Heart Stone from Abigail van Alstine, the Necromancer. After getting Mali on board, Aphrodite IV approaches Glorianna Silver, bearer of The Ember Stone, and offers her the opportunity bring all the Artifacts together, Glorianna then agrees to join. Aphrodite aids Ian again by helping him take The Blood Sword from Michael Finnegan, bearer of The Glacier Stone.


For Aphrodite IV's next mission she sneaks into Cyberforce's base. She is able to subdue Ripclaw, Cyblade, and Velocity before being held at gun point by Ballistic. She lies to them by saying she is trying to save the world and needs their help to do so. Cyberforce, with caution, agrees to help her. Aphrodite IV leads them to a church where the Artifacts bearers, not working with the Curator were meeting to attempt stop her boss and save Hope. The battle begins with Sara Pezzini attacking her.

While fighting Aphrodite reveals to Sara that her mission is to take the Witchblade away, right after that she is gunned down by the Cyber Force member, Ballistic. The members of Cyberforce explain that the assault was due to a lie that Aphrodite IV told them. Sara explains the situation team and afterwards Aphrodite reboots and attacks everyone with the power of the Coin of Solomon. Using the Coin of Solomon, Aphrodite is able to regenerate and use her power to destroy Cyber Force's airship.

Sara Pezzini attacks her from behind and rips the Coin of Solomon from Aphrodite's chest and apparently destroying her. Back at Aphrodite's boss's HQ, the boss reveals to Glorianna Silver that Aphrodite IV was sacrificed to created a new world.

Tilly Grimes and Interface hook up Aphrodite IV's head and the Coin of Solomon to a machine where they are able to extract information from the memory banks of Aphrodite IV. Aphrodite IV reveals that she works for the Curator he is the sole survivor of another world, and that he is a the codex. He is seeking to gather the Thirteen Artifacts in one place to make his universe live again, but in order to do so, he must destroy the current world. She then reveals the location of Hope Pezzini in terms of latitude and longitudinal coordinates. This causes Jackie Estacado and Sara Pezzini to leave in search of Hope.

Glorianna Silver leads an army of Aphrodite cyborgs against members of Cyber Force, Hunter-Killer, Tom Judge, Tilly Grimes, Danielle Baptiste, Abigail van Alstine, and the Magdalena. During the battle, Aphrodite IV is able to reboot and revive herself. She then smashes the heads of Velocity and Interface together, knocking both out before retrieving the Coin of Solomon.

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