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 Young Justice
A very powerful and secretive branch of the United States Government, the All-Purpose Enforcement Squad has ties to practically every single federal organization from the FBI, the DEA, the CIA, and even the DEO.  
A.P.E.S. has had many run-ins with Young Justice, even predating the formation of the group with Robin, Superboy, and Impulse.

 Agents Maad &  Fite
The youthful band of superheroes would be hounded by A.P.E.S. and their two top agents, Donald Fite and Ishido Maad (Fite 'n Maad) for interfering with their operations.  Their relationship later improves after Donald Fite discovers that his daughter, Anite Fite is secretly a superhero known as Empress who is a member of Young Justice.  A.P.E.S. would become warily neutral to Young Justice and its' members; reluctantly cooperating in several instances with the teenage superheroes.
Later, at the behest of A.P.E.S., Young Justice would aid in the investigation of a rival organization known as S.H.I.R.T.S. and their top agent, Spyboy.

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