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Powers and Abilities

Apelinq was an Autobot soldier and later a Maximal scientist of Great renown. His form during the Beast Wars was the same as Optimus Primal's Transmetal form. This gives him a robot form equipped with twin Mace like melee weapons, a flip over turret style blaster, and great strength on par with Optimus Primal and Megatron. Apelinq has the vehicle mode associated with Transmetals which is his monkey form on a hover board. Apelinq has the rare ability to pull objects from Cyberspace and use them in the real world which can be seen in his vehicle form hover board. Apelinq will pull scientific equipment or weapons from Cyberspace to aid him in battle. This ablitiy is called the Transfer Interlink and has even allowed Apelinq to create a soulless Maximal named CatSCAN, though this needs an advanced computer program to base the transformer on. This ability is extremely rare and has only been used be Apelinq, Sentinel Maximus (who holds the sparks of Apelinq and Primal Prime), and the Autobot Red Alert to a small extent.

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