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Indonesian artist, ANZU decided to become a manga artist in 1996, yet it wasn't until 2002 when she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication Design from the local Petra Christian University.  Immediately she began working as a Graphic Designer, and a year later returned to her dram of becoming a manga artist.  Her work was quickly recognised, and in February 2004 she was included in 'Comic Asia 2004: Women In Comic Asia' (Asia Joryu Manga No Sekia 2004) which was held in Tokyo, Japan.   
Her style suits the Shoujo genre of manga, with handsome teenaged men and cute fashionable girls. 
Her working name 'ANZU' is a Japanese girl's name (  杏子, あんず) meaning Apricot.  

Work History

ANZU worked with Randomhouse Inc on The Reformed, which concluded in Spring 2008.  She has created her own web comics known as Thirst of Angels.  Written by HABE &  drawn by ANZU, Thirst of Angels is a gothic-lolita romance with a mortal girl who is attracted by an enigmatic vampiric man.   
Since then ANZU has begun working with Del Rey to produce a new manga based on the Marvel Publishing X-Men characters known as X-Men: Misfits.   
ANZU has a team of assistants; Liwa, Nico, UV & Yuu-An.  They all work tirelessly through to the early hours of the morning to meet their deadlines.  She has become a fan of Dave Roman & Raina Telgemeier through reading their scripts in order to draw them.

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