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Before becoming a vengeance demon

Aud was born in Sjornjost, Sweden in 860. She grew up raising and breeding rabbits. She was seen as weird to the other inhabitants of her village for doing this. When she was 20 she fell in love with a man named Olaf. He was a warrior who liked hunting trolls and drinking at the bar. He also liked talking to the women at the bar. One night he was drunk and slept with a maid. Aud mad went to magic and put boils on his penis. she then did a spell which turned him into a troll and had to leave the village cause to the villagers who ran him out.

D'Hoffryn noticed this and came while the villagers chased Olaf away. He told Aud that he can make her a Vengeance Demon and would like to. She agreed and transformed to Anyanka, and was given a amulet that would allow her to grant dark wishes. Being a vengeance demon her wishes would be changed to be evil no matter the wish. Through Anyanka's years she has meet Dracula, who she knows personally. She was at Salem during the witch trials in

Vengeance Demon

1692. During the 19th century Anyanka became friends with another vengeance demon named Halfrek. They normally battled to see who can do the most dangerous wishes. Anyanka normally won. She started the Crimean War. Even though they were rivals Halfrek admired Anyanka. Anyanka also started a revolution in Russia in 1905. In 1914 Anyanka went to Chicago to exact vengeance on Stewart Burns, she transformed him into a demon and banished him to a hell dimension.

In 1998, Anyanka came to Sunnydale, California to exact vengeance on Xander Harris from Cordelia. cordelia was mad when she found out Xander was cheating on her with Willow Rosenberg. Anyanka came to the school and acted like a student taking the name Anya Emerson. She befreinded Cordelia to get her wish. While they were talking Cordelia started blaming Buffy for the reason Xander is cheating on her. Cordelia made a wish that Buffy was never born. She was then teleported to an alternate reality where Buffy wasnt born. When she is teleported here she sees that everyone rushes home after school. cordelia goes to a nightclub to be caught in the middle of vampires running the club. Cordelia escapes with the help of Giles. She tells him everything that happened. He tells her to go with other people who help him. Giles read up on vengeance demon and learns their power comes from their necklace they wear at all times. Giles summons Anyanka and breaks her necklace teleporting Cordelia and Anyanka back to there normal reality. Now without her necklace Anyanka is powerless. Anyanka asked D'Hoffryn to restore her powers but he refused forcing her to live her life as a human. Still wanting her powers she tricks Willow into helping her retrieve her Amulet and repairing it from the alternate reality. Instead of gettign the necklace they accidently get the vampire version of Willow from the alternate reality. Anya paired with the vampire to try and get her amulet, but she failed. Still going to school she started wanting to go to the prom, never been at one. So she asked Xander, he said yes. After the prom Anya started getting feeligns for Xander. She asked him out again after graduation but he refused saying he have to help his friends fight the mayor who is going to Ascend into a true demon. She tells them of the Ascension she saw, and ran away.

Emma Caulfield as Anya

Anya returned to Sunnydale months later. Anya hadn't felt this way in a long time. So she tricked him into sleeping with her trying to get him out of her system, but it didn't work. They then began dating. Anya soon after became a member of the Scooby gang. Giles left the Magic Box under the care of Anya. During this time Willow was casting a spell in the store trying to find a way to make a ball of sun to kill vampires. They started arguing about Willow's spell casting and she released Olaf from a crystal. Together Anya and Willow banished Olaf to the land of the trolls. Anya also helped Willow, Tara, and Xander in the spell to bring back Buffy. Before the battle with Glory Xander asked Anya to marry him if they survive and she agreed. On their wedding day Anya was very excited. On that day Stewart Burns showed up and showed Xander false images of how his life will be if he married Anya. Telling Xander that he is himself from the future. These images showed them having two kids one girl and one boy. The girl had long ears which showed that Anya still have a part of demon in her. In these images they fought alot and in the end Xander kills her with a frying pan. Xander left not wanting to ruin Anya's future. When Anya figured out she asked the guest where did they see Xander last, someone pointed to an old man and told her Xander was talking to him last. Anya went to him and asked what did he say to Xander. He turned into his demon form and hit Anya. Buffy defeated the demon. D'Hoffryn came to Anya explaining why she shouldnt act human and asked her did she want to become a vengeance demon, and she agreed. Anya wanted to hurt Xander but she was unable to do it herself so she met up with Spike to do it. She got him drunk and herself and they had sex. A video camera was there and the Scooby gang with Xander saw it. When Tara died, Anya helped them find Willow and noticed her thirst for vengeance. She also made the statement that she was the strongest wicca in the western hemisphere.

Anya started to feel like she didn't want to be a vengeance demon anymore. She started to do weak wishes where the evil part is left out. After hearing Halfrek tell her that other vengeance demons looked up to her but now she is soft, Anya turned a man into a Sluggoth Demon after his girlfriend wished he was a worm. Xander pleaded that she reverse the spell and so she did. D'Hoffryn was mad and punished Anya by taking her ability to teleport. Anya then masscre a sorority. A girl was dumped in the middle of a boys sorority and she wish they had there hearts ripped out of their chest like it felt for her. She summoed a Grimslaw demon which ripped the hearts out of the boys chest. Anya was later scared of what she did. When Buffy found out about this she went to Anya to kill her. They fought and then Anya decided she didnt want to be a vengeance demon and Willow summoned D'Hoffryn. He told her to make her human he needs a vengeance demons sacrifice, she thought it would be her and agreed only to be surprised when Halfrek was teleported there and set on fire. Later on D'Hoffryn sent assassins to kill her. she went to Buffy's house for protection. Her and Xander started have a relationship again. When they went up against the First's army, she was killed. She died by being cut almost in half by a bringer.


Anyanka can grant wishes of vengeance. she can also turn into her demon form which shows a scared face. She was stronger than most demons and vampires. She was shown to throw spike across the room while lying down. She can heal from wounds extremely fast. Was shown being stabbed by a knife through the heart and seconds later the wound healed. She also had telekinesis. She can teleport as far as she needs, but she cant bring anyone along.

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