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Antonio is a South American mutant who became the boyfriend of the X-Man named Magma. He refused that Amara should go back to Xavier and teach. Instead, they leap from a helicopter and went

New Mutants #8

inside an active volcano called La Cumbre to express their love for each other. Suddenly, the M-Day occurred and Antonio was unfortunately one of those mutants who lost their powers. The bad thing is, he and Amara are still inside the volcano and Antonio was converted into a normal human causing him to be killed by the extreme heat. Magma was shocked and caused her to make La Cumbre explode and attack a nearby town. magma was then found by Empath and took her back to Xavier's.


Antonio is a mutant with the same powers as Amara. He is also pyrokinetic before M-Day occurred. Formely, he is immune to extreme heat and was able to manipulate fire and possibly some volcanic properties like Amara does. He can also use his pyrokinetic abilities to let him fly. However, all of these powers have vanished due to M-Day and caused him to die.

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