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Antoinelle clutches her zombie nephew.

Antoinelle Arcenaux lived in an old shack in the Bayou with her nephew Emery Arcenaux. Antoinelle had strict rules and was abusive towards her nephew. Emery was tired of living in a poor lifestyle and wanted to make something of himself. Emery was a mutant that could produce a force field and fire concussive blasts from his hands. Emery was doing small robbery gigs on his own until his Aunt discovered his illegal activities. Antoinelle told him that he was headed in the wrong path but Emery refused to listen and stormed out of their shack. Emery was robbing a bank when he came into conflict with Gambit and Detective Noreen Tanaka. After a short scuffle, Gambit convinced Emery to stand down and would direct him to people that could help him with his mutant abilities. However, Detective Tanaka shot Emery in the back and he died. Antoinelle was distraught when she saw her dead nephew and decided to resurrect him as a zombie to exact revenge on Gambit. Antoinelle was a powerful witch doctor and her resurrection spell brought forth an army of zombies that terrorized the streets of New Orleans. Gambit and Brother Voodoo tried their best to defend themselves against zombie Emery and the horde of the living dead. Detective Tanaka informs Gambit and Brother Voodoo that Antoinelle was the one responsible for raising the dead so they headed towards her shack in the swamp. Gambit convinces Antoinelle that he wasn't responsible for her nephew's death and that Emery deserves peace than being a member of the living dead. Antoinelle's voodoo powers begin to fade and she releases control of Emery and all the zombies.


Antoinelle Arcenaux was created by John Layman and Georges Jeanty in 2005 and first appeared in Gambit # 7.

Powers & Abilities

Antoinelle is a witch doctor that practices voodoo and can resurrect the dead.

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