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Antimony Carver was raised in a hospital with her mother. As she grew older she was taught how to communicate with and even help the psychopomps, death spirits. Eventually she was forced by the Psychopomps to guide her own mothers soul, after this she was sent to the Court. Once there Antimony soon found herself having quite a few adventures and she gained her first real friend in Katerina Donlan. Eventually she ran into Reynardine, who in turn ended up possessing her doll forcing him to follow Antimony's orders. She was also recruited to train in order to become an Medium between the Court and the Forest. She seems to be intent on finding out the secrets of both the Court and the Forest. 


Antimony posses some magical abilities, but she is rather inexperienced. She is also able to see the Psychopomps, but this may be because they allow her to do so. 
Magical abilities shown so far: Soul projection of some sort, low level illusion casting, and  moving objects with her soul self.

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