How serious of a threat is he going to be?

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When he first appeared in the Crisis, he was something of a god-like threat, but since his return he seems to get pushed around a lot. It feels like the character is only considered a threat nowadays because of what he did in the Crisis, but not so much what he will do in the future. The Sinestro Corps War he was blown up, Superboy Prime flew right through his torso and threw him into space where he would be imprisoned in the Black Lantern Battery for awhile, and when he came back in Blackest Night, he got shot in the head. When he was revived again, Nekron easily banished him back home. I don't really like the Brightest Day Story, but I have been kinda following it and I think I know why that DeathStorm guy came to Qward, maybe to use the Anti-Monitor as a power source again? I really hope that is not the case because that would be pathetic and just recycling an old plot. Hopefully he will someday be the threat he once was or at the very least they might do a interesting story about him...

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Well, AM reached his COIE power level by destroying all those universes. Without doing so again he's going to be much weaker. 

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Such a shame, Anti Monitor needs to become at least a universe+ buster.
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He's a sissy these days.
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Well, it seems that in Brightest day, they are going to make him threath again.

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