How exactly does the Anti-Monitor destroy universe?

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I've heard that he eats universes, how exactly does he do it?? does he consume the universe itself or all of it's energy??

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Its my understanding that he assimilates them into antimatter

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I think he radiates anti matter and sends it to destroy positive matter, then absorbs the energy that is released from the destruction...or somethin'

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It opens its mouth and nomnomnomnom.

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It's a comic book. He kinda just does.

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Think the gist is that he has a machine which converts positive matter into anti-matter, which is added to his native Anti-Matter universe. As such, he doesn't really 'eat' universes.
The gimmick is technically the same as the one Trigon wanted to use in Terror of Trigon in order to reinvigorate his own universe.

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He has never destroyed a universe with his powers, he uses a cannon to destroy antimatter universes, even if it is far-fetched because to destroy a universe of matter it takes an equivalent amount of antimatter,

then he is attacked by the heroes that they only had the power to destroy a solar system

Very characters are overrated by fans

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