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Anthony Gonsalvez was a music enthusiast who had created an original composition named Crow Sangeet. His music became an instant hit amongst music lovers, much to the dismay of his rivals. His happy and successful life with his wife Julia and daughter Maria was forcefully ended when some of his competitors torture and murdered him brutally. Prince, Anthony`s pet crow, sat by his tombstone and mourned his death. Due to some mystical intervention, Anthony was brought back to life to take revenge on his murderers. According to the plotline, on occurrence of any injustice, Prince cried out and the dead Anthony came out of his graveyard to deliver the justice, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Prince is considered to have unexplained powers and is responsible for making Anthony return from the dead.

As the story continued, Anthony was reborn as his daughter Maria`s son named King. During day, he stayed as King, but after nightfall he became Anthony. He mostly operated in Roopnagar. Other than his family, Anthony`s friends include Inspector Itihaas, Venu (Saza), Michael and Maria`s Husband John.

Powers and Abilities of Anthony

Anthony possesses various abilities and powers as any other superhero. He is not affected by any weapons and has superhuman strength to even throw away heavy vehicles. Anthony is also blessed with the power of teleportation and can manifest himself to any given place. He also has the ability to communicate and command other worldly spirits, souls and demons to support him in his missions. Moreover, Anthony can also control ravens and crows and can create the Fire of Hell, known as Thandi Aag (Cold Fire), in his hands and harm his enemies. This fire is believed to torture the soul of the recipient till infinity. Anthony also has the capability to switch his body with others. It was portrayed in a particular issue that Anthony even put his head back on his shoulders after being beheaded.

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