President Evil #!

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from Comicvine:
  Threat condition RED! Trillion-dollar deficits, machine gun-toting soccer moms, money-hungry contractors and flesh-hungry super soldiers lead by 200 years’ worth of undead Presidents! Can we stop this new national nightmare? YES WE CAN! It’s time to set aside our partisan differences and petty bickering and unite behind “Ba-rot” Obama, the one man that can bring hope to our troubled shores. When the outgoing administration’s plan to shore up our depleted military’s troop numbers goes awry, Washington, D.C. becomes ground zero for all-you-can-eat action, destruction, and some change you can believe in!
preview * spoilers *
my opinion: pretty easy book to follow. its satire. Barack takes the place of  Ash in an " Evil Dead/Army Of Darkness" type story and fights, using his fists and kicks mostly and his " fight suit" ( reminiscent to the force field Captain Britain used during the Onslaught era ), and teams up with weapon  specialist and hardcore bulls eye merc style warrior milf, Sarah Paladin (Palin), Rambo-esque dog of war John McPain (McCain), and the psycho powered Hilary Clinton, then later the team takes Dick Chainsaw (Cheney) and his pet zombie George Dubya ( who is usually seen chewing on his own brain) as tag alongs. zombies are destroyed, weapons are fired, eyebalss thrown through the air, and political cracks made.
now first off, ive read some short reviews of this, usually not by comic sites, and its been lumped in with the " Joker Obama " portrait and labelled an attack. i have a hard time believing those people read it. the author states a well written and high opinion of the president from the get, and he is displayed as the hero.
political satire is there, but nothing in the accusary sense.
its a fun romp. what can i say. the art is very cartoony/manga styled.
the jokes are funny as is the action. i  recommend it for a good laugh and gross out.

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Zombie FDR looks awesome

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lol looks awesome, especially hilary
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lol zombie Nixon... so if all the past presidents have become zombies wouldn't he just be delaying the inevitable? that would be an interesting twist as he tries to take down the zombie menace while containing the zombie within.

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This was in an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy like 7 years ago. She killed Bill Clinton who pleaded for his life because he was still alive lol.

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@Chameleone said:
" This was in an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy like 7 years ago. She killed Bill Clinton who pleaded for his life because he was still alive lol. "
50 points just for mentioning Bill and
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If I see Obama in one more book, I'll scream.

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NO!!!This the stupidedist thing eva

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