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Ansem the Wise is the king of Radiant Garden. He had 5 apprenctices: Braig, Dilan, Ienzo, Even and Aeleus. He met Xehanort who used Terra as his vessel. Xehanort had amnesia. Ansem trained his apprentices. Xehanort regained his memories and worked on Heartless like his previous life. He made experiments until Ansem banned the ideas. Xehanort and the 5 apprentices sent Ansem to the realm of darkness. Xehanort stabbed Braig and declared that his name is Ansem. For the next 10 years, Ansem stayed in the realm. He made an alias named DiZ so he can secretly work with Xehanort's Organization XIII. He monitored Sora who had his memories screwed up. Ansem also spoke to Riku and Mickey, his friend when he worked at Radiant Garden. DiZ helped Namine fix Sora's memories by finding Roxas who was about to avenge Xion's death. DiZ placed Roxas in a digital Twilight Town without Roxas' memories. He eventually infiltrated the World That Never Was. He was using a decoder to decode the artificial Kingdom Hearts that was used to transform the Organization into Xehanort. The decoder's explosion sent Ansem back to the realm where Aqua also lived.

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